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SYS-Aid Organizer M, a First Aid Systainer

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Preorders are open now.  When you put this in your order, your order will not ship till late in August or first part of September.  We are waiting on SYS-Aid Label Kits to arrive around August 29th.  If you would like to order this along with other items consider placing two orders or being patient for the single order.

The SYS-Aid Organizer M, a First Aid Systainer, available exclusively from the Systainer Store.

This is the world's first carmine red organizer!

The SYS-Aid Organizer M is a carmine red systainer Organizer with white catch and 6 insert boxes.  To truly make this a SYS-Aid, we offer a high quality, high durability SYS-Aid label kit custom designed for the systainer.  This includes an all new design vinyl label sheet and four plastic cards, which you can pick from to place in the Organizer's card slot.  

The best first aid, is the first aid you have nearby.  If you are in your workshop, on a worksite or at a facility and you have systainers, it is effortless to include this in your stack so that first aid is close at hand.  If we are makers, craftsman, technician and trades, we get dirty, we get physical and ever now and again we get injured.  Why not have a first aid systainer the is noticeable and ready to go in case of an accident?

This systainer doesn't come with any first aid elements. 

First-Aid Refill Kit recommendation - 160 piece: https://amzn.to/3RnJB74

Are you looking to apply first aid right?  Enhance your first aid knowledge with the Workshop Wound Care book - a must-have resource for everyone!

This product is a kit.  You get the red/white Systainer3 Organizer M and the SYS-Aid Labeling Kit.  You apply the labels and cards as you see fit.