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Systainer3 XXS 33, Anthracite



Here it is!  Generation 3 of the incredible, time tested Systainer system of tool, material storage and organization.  Systainer3, also known as SYS3, is the newest generation, bringing new features, and works with the T-Loc line of systainers!

This is the smallest systainer in the new systainer3 lineup!  The XXS is similar to the T-Loc Micro and is great for business cards, bits, keys, and more.  Keep those things in this little guy that you don't want to loose them in the corner of your tool box or pocket.

Don't be fooled by the picture, this little guy fits in the palm of your hand.

Tanos GmbH has been producing systainers for over 25 years.  Festool, Triton, Fein, Makita and many more use systainers as part of their products.  Systainer.Store is an independent authorized dealer of Tanos products in the USA.

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