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SYS-Aid Labeling Kit

Systainer Store


Preorders are open now.  When you put this in your order, your order will not ship till late in August or first part of September.  We are waiting on SYS-Aid Label Kits to arrive around August 29th.  If you would like to order this along with other items consider placing two orders or being patient for the single order.

The all new SYS-Aid Labeling Kit, exclusively from Systainer Store.

In this kit you will find an 8.5" x 8.3" high durability vinyl label sheet and four plastic cards for the card slot of a Systainer3 or T-Loc Systainer.

The label and cards are made by an industrial label manufacturer here in the USA, one that understands the durability and ruggedness of a good label.

Use the vinyl label sheet to out fit a systainer of your choosing and then slot in the cards you think are best.  There are plenty of labels here if you wanted to fit out a MINI systainer as well.