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Mobile Workshop MW 1000 Basic



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Do you need to be mobile with your systainers? The Mobile Workshop MW 1000 Basic is a robust solution for transporting your systainers to the job site!  Comfortable transport, stable standing and easy operation is what makes the MW 1000 ideal for those bringing their workshop anywhere.

The MW 1000 Basic features two robust large wheels for transport over bumps, stairs and thresholds.  Stack your systainers below including one drawer.  Customize the MW 1000 Basic to your work style and task at hand and when done, it folds up compact.

The Mobile Workshop MW 1000 Basic comes with the cart and one SYS-AZ-MW 1000 drawer. Additional drawers can be ordered here.  Similarly, the table can be added later and is listed here.

And yes, yes the a MINI-systainer T-LOC I does fit into the neat little hole at the bottom of the MW 1000.

Note, if you want to get the cart with table, it is cheaper to order the complete package here: Mobile Workshop MW 1000

The MW 1000 adds to the systainer system, after all, it is not just a case, but a system!

Get all the details in this Tanos MW 1000 Brochure!

And you can see the Tanos MW 1000 Assembly Instructions here.

Tanos GmbH has been producing systainers for over 25 years.  Festool, Triton, Makita and many more use systainers as part of their products.  Systainer.Store is an independent authorized dealer of Tanos products in the USA.

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