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Systainer3 Organizer M 89 with 6 insert boxes, Carmine Red



You may have seen the SYS-Aid Org M and thought, "gosh, that is a nice looking systainer that I could use for things beyond first aid."  Well, if that was was you, your wishes are granted.

This product is the carmine red Systainer3 Organizer M 89 with six insert boxes and a white catch.  Maybe you want to swap this out for the Organizer Red Catch or the Organizer Black Catch?  Up to you, and that is one of the beauties of having a Systainer, you can make it yours.  

The insert boxes are light grey.  

1 pc. 1.97” x 1.97”, 1 pc. 1.97” x 3.94”, 3 pc. 3.94” x 5.91”, 1 pc. 3.94" x 13.78"

Outside dimensions (H x W x D) 3.23” x 15.59” x 11.65”, height with adjustable legs 3.50”

Weight 3.527 lbs

When it comes to the insert boxes, think of the M89 as being 7 units wide by 5 units in depth.  Each unit is about 50mm square.