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systainer® 101

Tanos was formed in 1993 and has sold over 25 million systainers!  The systainer T-Loc line is the 2nd generation of systainers and has millions of satisfied customers.  Stack individual systainers systematically one on top of the other and lock with a flick of the wrist – this gives you a linked systainer tower which holds everything from the smallest to the biggest part ready for you in a clear arrangement to save space and time.  What is more, each systainer interior can be divided and customized to fit your exact need.

Systainers are made of ABS plastic and rugged design structure to provide maximum strength.  Each product is impact-resistant as well as dust and splash proof.  Systainers are available in two main colors, light grey and anthracite (or black) though other colors and modifications are available via our special order capability.  Systainer.Store is an authorized independent dealer of the Tanos systainer products in the USA.

Did you know that many companies private label the systainer as a container for their tools and materials?  Brands such as Festool, Sika, Senco, Berner, Triton, Fein, Makita and many more.  As you would expect from Tanos and a system storage product, each of these brands use the same systainer T-LOC design and therefore systainers from any brand, no matter the color, can work together to keep you organized and mobile.  Systainers are interchangeable.

The following guide is to introduce you to the features and capabilities of the systainer.  The systainer is not just a case, it's a system!