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SYS-Sort latch, signal green



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This is the T-Loc latch, well sort of.  It is the 'skinny' version for catch as found on the SYS-Sort IV/3Systainer3 SYS-SortSystainer3 RackSYS-RB and Systainer3 Base.  I guess we call it SYS-Sort Latch.

This item can be used to replaced a broken SYS-Sort Latch or to custom outfit your systainers for a color scheme of your liking.  When you order this item, you get the SYS-Sort latch in the specified color.  

SYS-Sort latches are easily popped off by hand or can be pressed out with a screw driver from the back.  

Get your systainers now and be confident in your organization.  The systainer - not just a case, but a system! 

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