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MINI-systainer T-Loc III, anthracite



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MINI-Systainer By Tanos:  The slightly smaller version of the Systainer
For professionals, engineers, technicians, tradesmen, woodworkers, hobbyists and all who want to do their best work.

Product Specific Details:

  • MINI-Systainer T-Loc:  Modeled after the second generation of systainers
  • Height: III 
  • Body color: Anthracite
  • Top Handle color: Anthracite
  • Catch color: Anthracite
  • Interior: Ready for Fitout

Product Dimension Details:

Outside dimensions (H x W x D):
5.59” x 10.43” x 6.73”
142mm x 265mm x 171mm

Inner dimensions (H x W x D):
4.78” x 10.02” x 6.08”
121mm x 255mm x 154mm


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Customize your Systainer with these fitout materials.

Key Features:

  • Reinforced Design: Built reinforced, yet is the lightest weight box.
  • Innovative T-LOC System: Interlocking and stacking made effortless across the entire Systainer system.  MINI-Systainers can stack with other MINI-Systainer and Systainer3 S.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Top carry handle and easy to grip container in one hand.  


Because every professional's needs are unique, MINI-Systainers are designed for adaptability to your task and brand.

  • Inserts: Buy your MINI-Systainer with a vacuum formed insert.
  • Colors: Available in Anthracite and Light Grey.
  • Catch:  Customize the catch for a color coding sytem.  

Sizes & Formats:

Choose the MINI-Systainer that's right for the job.

  • Widths: MINI-Systainer is available in only a single width.
  • Heights: MINI-Systainer is available in T-Loc I and III heights.
  • Formats: Ready for Fitout, Fitted Out.

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For over three decades, Tanos has set the standard in tool and material storage by creating and evolving the Systainer.  Esteemed brands like Festool, Triton, Fein, and Makita, and over 60 others trust Systainers to elevate their offerings. Proudly, and for more than 5 years, Systainer Store stands as a premier, independent authorized dealer of both Tanos and Bott products in the USA.

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