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Light Grey Insert Box 3x6, 2 piece set for Systainer3 Organizer



Systainer3 Organizer By Tanos:  Small Parts Storage for Professionals.
For professionals, engineers, technicians, tradesmen, woodworkers, hobbyists and all who want to do their best work.

Product Specific Details:

  • 3x6:  Insert Box
  • 2 pieces
  • Body color: light grey

Product Dimension Details:

Outside dimensions (H x W x D):
2.68” x 5.91” x 11.81”
68mm x 150mm x 300mm

Weight: 0.36 lb (165 g)

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Need more insert boxes for the Systainer3 M 89 and L 89 organizer?  Then you are in the right place.  When determining the Systainer3 Organizer fitout, remember that the M 89 is 5 units deep by 7 units wide, while the Systainer3 Organizer L 89 is 5 units deep and 9 units wide, see our graphic explaining this.

Not much more to say.  If you are looking at this, you already understand the massive amount of satisfaction you get when you are organized!