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Insert box 1x2, 10 piece set for Systainer3 Organizer



Shoot!  We ran out of stock.  Can we let you know when we restock?

Need more insert boxes for the Systainer3 M 89 and L 89 organizer?  Here we have a 10 pack of a 1 unit by 2 unit insert box.  OK, if you need dimensions, you can use these for each box: L 50mm x W 100mm x H68mm. 

The Systainer3 Organizer M 89 is 5 units deep by 7 units wide, while the Systainer3 Organizer L 89 is 5 units deep and 9 units wide.

Not much more to say.  If you are looking at this, you already understand the massive amount of satisfaction you get when you are organized!