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Systainer Custom Inserts

Now, why would someone want these inserts?  For some systainers, you simply need the box.  You drop the tool in it and that is enough.  I do this with my Fuji paint sprayer.  

Other systainers are outfitted with foam or vacuum inserts.  Foam comes in different types and it can be modified to snug against a tool.  Vacuum inserts are a bit more molded to the product, much the way an insert is if you buy a Festool or Shaper product.  

Then, there are systainers that need a custom fitout.  The Systainer Store Custom Inserts allow you to enhance the way you use the system for new applications.  The wooden insert is easily modified or added too.

You can buy these custom inserts from Systainer Store (See the products listed below) or follow this link to sign up and get the files emailed to you. The design package includes SVG, DXF and other files so you can make your own custom insert for the Systainer3 or T-Loc!

Included in the download are templates with and without text, as well as original sources files and notes. This work is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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