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Universal Systainer3 M 112, Light Grey



Universal Systainer3: A Fitted out Systainer

Product Specific Details:

  • Systainer3:  Latest generation systainer
  • M: Medium width
  • 112: Height of the Systainer in millimeters.  Same height as T-Loc I.  
  • Body color: Light Grey
  • Top Handle color: Light Grey
  • Front Handle color: Light Grey
  • Catch color: Signal Blue
  • EPP Foam Lid Insert
  • 10 Compartment Universal Insert

Product Dimension Details (without inserts):

Outside dimensions (H x W x D):
4.41” x 15.59” x 11.65”
112mm x 396mm x 296mm

Inner dimensions (H x W x D):
2.80” x 15.31” x 10.83”
71mm x 389mm x 275mm

Weight: 3.08 lb (1.4 kg)
Volume: 2.03 US gal (7.7 l)
Interior Load Capacity: 44 lb


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Key Features:

  • Reinforced Design: Built reinforced, yet is the lightest weight box.
  • Innovative T-LOC System: Interlocking and stacking made effortless across the entire Systainer system.
  • Easy Labeling: Dedicated card slots for quick identification.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Convenient front carry handle and hand-pull feature.
  • Integrated Rail System: Ideal for mounting in workshops or work vans.
  • Enhanced Security: Molded loop for anti-theft tags and security locks.


Because every professional's needs are unique, Systainer3 is designed for adaptability to your task and brand.

  • Inserts: Fitout your Systainer with a variety of inserts.
  • Colors: Multiple color schemes to fit your brand and style.
  • Labeling:  Use the card slot or print on the systainer.

Sizes & Formats:

Choose the Systainer3 that's right for the job.

  • Widths: Systainer3 M is the nominal width.  Also available in XXS, S, L and XXL.
  • Heights: Systainer3 M is available in 112, 137, 187, 237, 337, 437.
  • Formats: Ready for Fitout, Fitted Out, Specialty, and Organizers.
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