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T-Loc Hinge Pin, anthracite - set of 2



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These are the hinge pins you are looking for!  That is if you need a hinge pin for a T-Loc systainer.

This item can be used to replaced a broken hinge pin or to custom outfit your systainers for a color scheme of your liking.  This is a set of two hinge pins!

Hinge pins can be pushed out.  Once you pop both pins off, you can replace the lid.  Check out this video to learn more and even though it shows Systainer3, the same principals apply to a T-Loc Systainer.


If you are unsure of the pin type you need, use the identification guide in the picture gallery.

Get your systainers now and be confident in your organization.  The systainer - not just a case, but a system! 

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