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Systainer3 Organizer M 89 with 22 insert boxes, Light Grey



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Systainer3 Organizer By Tanos:  Small Parts Storage for Professionals.
For professionals, engineers, technicians, tradesmen, woodworkers, hobbyists and all who want to do their best work.

Product Specific Details:

  • Systainer3:  Latest generation systainer
  • M: Medium width (grid of 5 x 7 units)
  • 89: Height of the Systainer in millimeters.  
  • Body color: Light Grey
  • Front Handle color: Light Grey
  • Catch color: Signal Blue
  • 22 Insert Boxes:  13 pcs. 1x1, 8 pcs. 1x2, 1 pcs. 2x3, 

Product Dimension Details:

Outside dimensions (H x W x D):
3.5” x 15.59” x 11.65”
89mm x 396mm x 296mm

Inner dimensions (H x W x D):
2.36” x 15.33” x 10.96”
60mm x 389.5mm x 278.5mm

Weight: 4.82 lb (2.19 kg)

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This organizer comes with 22 insert boxes!  Add your own custom mix of insert boxes, available in packages or add your own foam for custom tool storage.

The transparent lid affords easy viewing of the contents.  The Insert boxes rest in place with the Bott grid pattern on the base of the unit and the lid.  Confidently carry your parts, without mixing between bins, using the front handle.