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Systainer3 M 237, Anthracite



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Here it is!  Generation 3 of the incredible, time tested Systainer system of tool, material storage and organization.  Systainer3, also known as SYS3, is the newest generation, bringing new features, and works with the T-Loc line of systainers!

The M in the name stands for medium width, which is the nominal width of Systainer. 

The 237 refers to the height of the Systainer. This is the third tallest Systainer.  Systainer3 M comes in six heights (112, 137, 187, 237, 337, 437). 

The Systainer3 are reinforced and more stable than the T-Loc, but retain the same foot print and linkable system.  In addition Systainer3 have new front handles (or finger hold on the taller systainers), a redesigned labeled slot and a loop for theft tags.

Systainer3 M 237, anthracite, catch and handle in anthracite

Outside dimensions (H x W x D) 9.33” x 15.59” x 11.65”.

Inner dimensions (H x W x D) 7.72” x 15.34” x 10.83”.

Weight 4.19 lbs

Volume 5.65 US gal

Tanos GmbH has been producing systainers for over 25 years.  Festool, Triton, Fein, Makita and many more use systainers as part of their products.  Systainer.Store is an independent authorized dealer of Tanos products in the USA.

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