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Tool Lid for T-Loc Systainer



Do you like to be organized? Systainers are a configurable system of products for organization, storage, transportation and packaging.

The systainer Tool Lid is an insert for the T-Loc I through V or the SYS-Combi II  or III.  This item attaches to the inside of the lid of the systainer enabling you to maximize the systainer by having tools at the ready on the lid.  Include with the Tool Lid are four self tapping screws.

Get your systainers accessories now and be confident in your organization.  The systainer - not just a case, but a system! 

Tanos GmbH has been producing systainers for over 25 years.  Festool, Triton, Makita and many more use systainers as part of their products.  Systainer.Store is an independent authorized dealer of Tanos products in the USA.

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