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Milwaukee M12 Installation Driver Head Holder Set v1 (3D Printed)



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Do you know the Milwaukee M12 Installation Driver?  It is a versatile tool in which four different heads can be attached to the unit.  In our inspiration build shown on Instagram, the Ultimate Milwaukee M12 Systainer has this driver along with many other needed elements.  To maximize space we designed and 3D printed a little 'head holder' device so we could hang up the heads.

Each head holder is 3D printed with PETG plastic.  Each set contains four head holders.  There are slots on back for some tiny magnets (20x5x2mm) to be glued in (you buy the magnets separately).  And there are two holes for #4 size screws (also provided by you).

In my use thus far I've found the holders to grip the heads fairly tightly.  The magnets adds just a little bit extra.   

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