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T-Loc Solid Foam Insert (Shaper Tool Style)



Shoot!  We ran out of stock.  Can we let you know when we restock?

This has been nearly a year to source!  And there is limited stock that I may not be able to resupply.

This is the the solid foam insert from Tanos!  Yes, the same solid foam insert that has been offered by Shaper Tools in the Shaper SYS 1 Systainer.  This is also known as the "shadowboard".  

This foam is machinable!  It is dense.  

The foam fits the T-Loc Systainer and is roughly 388mm x 285mm x 50 mm.

Want to make it fit a Systainer3?  You can machine it - duh!  I've got some prototype Systainer3 files coming soon.  One pictures shows a Systainer3 M outline on top of the foam.  You would need to trim the front and sides just a wee bit.