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mini-Systainer T-Loc part, Red with first aid labels



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To complement the SYS-Aid, our first custom systainer, we have ordered the mini-Systainer T-loc part in red.  Got a mini-Systainer already?  Pop off the blue T-Loc and add the red as well as some of our custom labels and you have a mini SYS-Aid! 

We hang out on the Festool Owner's Group forum and we have seen the various first aid systainers that users have put together over the last couple years.  It makes sense, right?  If we are makers, craftsman, technician and trades, we get dirty, we get physical and ever now and again we get injured.  Why not have a first aid systainer the is noticeable and ready to go in case of an accident?

The SYS-Aid may be too big for some people, they may want to carry just a few supplies.  So we offer this T-Loc and labels sheet so you can convert a mini-Systainer into a easy to grab first aid kit.

In the product images is a proof of the labels we had custom made by an industrial label manufacturer based here in the USA.  We are offering a variety of labels in a single 8.5" x 11" sheet.  You could use these on a SYS-I or on a mini-SYS (obviously some labels only fit the SYS-I).  

This item is just the mini T-Loc in red and a label sheet.  Other images here show what is possible with these items and your existing mini-Systainer.  

Add first aid to your mobile work style!

Get your systainers now and be confident in your organization.  The systainer - not just a case, but a system! 

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